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Collins Tree Service provides weed control services to residents and businesses in Hooksett, NH, and the surrounding areas. We use the latest techniques and equipment to get the job done right. Contact us today at 603-485-4761 for a free estimate!

Maintaining your lawn and trees can be a challenge. Lawn damage is not just unattractive; it can also lead to serious problems such as plant diseases and insect infestations. In the wrong conditions, lawn diseases and insect damage can worsen quickly and spread throughout your entire yard. Weeds can do the same thing in a very short period of time, and once they’re on your lawn, controlling them can be an uphill battle.

It is important to contact lawn care professionals who can provide you with a personalized plan to make sure you get a weed-free lawn. Our lawn care specialists can provide you with an effective program to keep your lawn healthy, manicured, and weed-free all year long.

What Is a Lawn Weed Control Service

Lawn weed control services are specialized treatments used by lawn care professionals to help rid your yard of pesky weed infestations. These treatments give you a beautiful and healthy lawn, free of weeds and the damage they can cause. 

Weeds compete with grass for moisture, nutrients, and sunlight. Many times, an area that has been invaded by weeds will show signs of thinning, browning, and general deterioration.

Types Of Weed Control Services

Pre-emergent weed control treatments work to stop weeds before they even start growing. This is an important step in the process because it allows you to nip the weed problem in the bud and have a weed-free yard that will stay beautiful all year long.

Post-emergent treatments are used after weeds have already started growing, but they help control them quickly by stopping the spread of weeds and eliminating them from your lawn.

In addition to these immediate benefits, over time, weed control can help increase the health of your yard, leaving it looking fresh and green year-round.

What Damage Can Weeds Cause To Your Lawn

It is important to look out for weed infestation in your yard. Not only will weeds’ presence make your lawn look unattractive, but they also pose serious dangers to the overall health of your grass and trees.

Weeds can affect the growth of your grass by blocking out sunlight. Leaves will start to turn brown, die, and dry up around the area of weed growth. The presence of weeds can also cause insects such as ants or crickets to lay their eggs in the surrounding vegetation.

It is important to contact lawn care professionals for a personalized plan to get rid of the weeds in your yard once and for all. They can help you identify the type of weed, such as broadleaf weeds, grassy weeds, sedges, or even vines, and send you a weed control treatment that is customized to help rid your yard of the infestation.

How Can Professional Lawn Care Help You Get Rid Of Lawn Weeds In Hooksett, NH

Professionals can help you identify and control the growth of weed seeds. They can also guide you through some common lawn weeds that can affect your yard, and they can provide you with weed control treatments that will rid your lawn of weeds once and for all.

Pesky weeds can make your yard look dull and unkempt. Getting rid of weeds can help make sure that your grass is healthy, green, and beautiful year-round. 

Weeds compete with grass for moisture, nutrients, and sunlight. Over time, weeds can overtake your yard and cause damage to trees, shrubs, and flowers on your lawn as well.

When you have a weed infestation in your yard, it is important to contact lawn care experts as soon as possible to help you get rid of the problem before it causes more damage.

Collins Tree Service Can Help You Prevent Weeds In Hooksett, NH

With years of experience, we proudly provide the best lawn care services. Our professional crews are dedicated to giving you a healthy lawn all year long. With our personalized plan, your yard will be weed-free and beautiful all year long. 

Our technicians will help you identify the type of weed infestation you have and provide a treatment that kills existing weeds and prevents new ones from popping up in your yard to keep your grass healthy and beautiful all year long.

Professional lawn care can be incredibly beneficial for both homeowners and businesses alike. If you need help with your lawn, give us a call at 603-485-4761, and let us take care of those unsightly weeds.

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