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Tree stumps, if not removed, can pose many problems for lawns and landscaping. Tree stumps can be unsightly, cause trip hazards for individuals walking by, and, in some cases, provide hiding places for undesirable animals. If left untreated, they can also hinder new plant growth and prevent grass and other plants from growing around them.

If you’re concerned about any of these issues, our certified arborist can grind stumps using a stump grinder, which is a machine specifically designed for grinding away tree stumps. These machines are capable of removing all signs of tree stumps in a matter of hours.

What is a Stump Removal Service In Hooksett, NH

Stump grinding, also known as stump removal service, is the process of using a drill-mounted grinder to cut away tree stumps. This process leaves the area clear of any evidence that there was ever a tree in that location.

A stump grinder can cut through most types of trees, regardless of size or age. Tree stump grinding is a highly effective means of removing tree stumps from your lawn or landscaping.

Why Is Stump Grinding Important In Hooksett, NH

The main reason for grinding tree stumps is to remove any signs that a tree ever stood there. Individuals walking by may trip on the stump and injure themselves. The roots of a stump can also damage the surrounding soil, preventing grass and other plant life from growing.

An additional reason for removing tree stumps is to make room for new tree growth. When you have a tree removed, the area around the stump must be prepared before new trees or other plants are planted in that location.

Depending on the size of the stump, you may need to remove any obstacles that are in the way. This step is necessary regardless of whether or not another tree will be planted there.

What Damage Can A Tree Stump Do To Your Property In Hooksett, NH

Aside from the unsightly nature of tree stumps, they can damage your property in several ways. Tree stumps can break underground water lines and other types of piping by growing over them.

The tree root system can also damage structures, such as patios or walkways, by lifting the surface in one location. Except when they are pulled from the ground, stumps will continue to grow and move underground.

As a result, it may be necessary to have a stump removed before planting another tree or other plant life in that area. A landscaping professional can remove tree stumps. They use stump grinders to remove large stumps.

Tree stumps can also hinder grass and plants from growing in the area. Grasses and other plants typically won’t grow in soil that has been compacted by tree roots. This is because grass requires well-aerated soil that allows water, air, and plant nutrients to circulate freely through it.

Why Is It Important to Hire Tree Experts For Removing Stumps In Hooksett, NH

As stated earlier, tree stumps can be damaging to structures and prevent grass from growing. Tree stumps are also unsightly, which makes having them removed an important part of landscaping.

Professional landscapers have the skills and tools necessary to remove tree stumps without causing any additional damage to your property or disrupting its appearance.

Hiring professional landscapers ensures that your tree stumps will be eliminated carefully and efficiently. They know how to grind them away without causing damage to surrounding areas. Tree service professionals are experienced with removing tree stumps, wood chips, and other debris.

Contact Collins Tree Service for Reliable Stump Grinding Service In Hooksett, NH

Expert arborists at Collins Tree Service can remove tree stumps quickly and efficiently. We are available for both commercial and residential tree stump removal services.

Our team will inspect your property to determine the type and size of the stump you have. We will also determine if it is safe to remove the tree stumps from your property.

Collins Tree Service specializes in providing reliable tree service, including tree stump grinding, wood chipping, and tree removals. We are passionate about helping our customers create beautiful outdoor spaces. 

If you have any questions about tree stump removal, contact us today at 603-485-4761 and let us serve you with quality service without breaking your budget.

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