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Insects & Disease

Trees can add beauty to your home, provide privacy and shade, but insects may attack them. Diseases can cause damage to your trees or shrubs. It can become a habitat for termites and other pests. Insects can destroy property and vegetation – sometimes causing serious illnesses. Environmental stress can make your trees weak and more likely to be affected by disease and other problems. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Landscaping your yard the right way can help keep your natural resources healthy, green, and lush. 

Our insect and disease control specialists can provide you with a free diagnosis of the insect or disease problem that you have been experiencing. Our certified arborist can inspect your plants and identify any plant diseases which can affect plant growth. We are certified arborists who provide tree care to residential and commercial customers. By using integrated pest management techniques, we help prevent pest infestations and plant diseases. If you have an insect or disease problem, our experienced arborists will provide treatment options that are right for your landscape’s needs. Our experts will also provide you with maintenance tips to keep your plants healthy.


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