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Trees can add beauty to your home, provide privacy and shade, but insects may attack them. Diseases can cause damage to your trees or shrubs. It can become a habitat for termites and other pests. Insects can destroy property and vegetation – sometimes causing serious illnesses.

Environmental stress can make your trees weak and more likely to be affected by disease and other problems. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Landscaping your yard the right way can help keep your natural resources healthy, green, and lush.

Our insect and disease control specialists can provide you with a free diagnosis of the insect or disease problem that you have been experiencing. Our certified arborist can inspect your plants and identify any plant diseases which can affect plant growth.

Common Plant Diseases In New Hampshire

Many common plant diseases can be easily identified by an arborist or horticulturist. Plant disease identification is the first step in the prevention of future outbreaks, so it’s important to know what you’re dealing with. The following are some of the most common plant diseases:

  • Black Spot.
  • Other Leaf Spots.
  • Powdery Mildew.
  • Downy Mildew.
  • Blight.

Early detection can help stop a disease from spreading and infecting additional plants. Arborists can assess plant health and recommend possible solutions to stop a plant disease from spreading.

How Can Insects And Tree Diseases Damage Your Landscape In Hooksett, NH

Insects can be a problem for your garden, lawn, or trees. Insects damage the foliage of trees and shrubs. Some insects are harmful to people or pets, while others cause little harm beyond annoying us with their presence.

Tree diseases are caused by fungi that can attack your landscape’s greenery. Tree diseases are more problematic than insects. Many of these fungal infections can cause health issues, weaken or kill a tree, and damage to a tree’s bark allows decay organisms to invade the living wood beneath. If left untreated, tree diseases will cause a rapid decline in plant health and vigor.

What Pest Can Affect The Health Of Your Tree In Hooksett, NH

Most home and business owners spend a lot of time on issues that might seem more urgent than their trees. However, even though you don’t see them very often, pests can cause serious damage to the health and structure of your trees. 

You might be surprised to learn that some pests can even affect the health of a tree to such an extent that they cause the whole thing to collapse, which could put your property at risk. Pests can also damage plants, shrubs, and even grass by feeding on them as larvae or as adults.

  • The Emerald Ash Borer: It is an invasive species, feeding on nutrients and disrupting the flow of water and nutrients throughout the tree. They damage a tree’s ability to process food, which can starve it of energy, killing off branches or even causing the whole thing to die.
  • The Asian Long-Horned Beetle: The adult beetle chews a hole into a tree’s bark, creating an opening for the larvae, which then feed on the inner bark of the tree, disrupting its supply of nutrients and possibly causing the whole thing to die.
  • Aphids: They feed on sap from plants with piercing and sucking mouthparts. These insects also excrete a sticky substance called honeydew, which can fall on other plants below, attracting ants that feed on it. This causes the spread of diseases to other plants.

An expert arborist can inspect your trees for damage or infestation. After inspection, they can recommend a course of action to deal with the pest or begin damage control. If you see any signs of infestation, don’t delay in contacting an arborist for an inspection and response.

Signs of Insect and Disease Infestation In Hooksett, NH

Pests and diseases can be hazardous to your landscape’s health. Symptoms of insect damage or tree disease often mimic the signs of other problems, so you should have a trained arborist investigate any plant symptom that doesn’t seem quite right. Early detection can save your plants from serious damage or even death.

Some common symptoms include discoloration, wilting, loss of vigor, or a general decline in health. Insects and disease symptoms may appear on one portion of a plant, such as leaves, flowers, fruit, branches, trunks, stems, or roots.

Disease management and pest control can be accomplished in several ways. A certified arborist can provide you with chemical or non-chemical treatments to control the insects and diseases that are affecting your trees, shrubs, and other plants.

Benefits Of Pest Control And Disease Management In Hooksett, NH

Insects and plant diseases weaken a tree. If the problem is left unchecked, your trees will decline in health and may potentially die or cause property damage by falling on structures or other plants.

Having an insect-free tree is not only safer for your family, but also improves the overall look of your property. Insects and plant diseases can quickly reduce a healthy landscape to a dull, unattractive one.

Insect pest management and disease control are integral parts of keeping your trees healthy. These services ensure that insects stay away from your home’s foundation and prevent diseases from spreading throughout your landscape.

How Can A Professional Arborist Help In Hooksett, NH

Early detection is the key to keeping your trees healthy. The disease can be prevented with proper plant care. Your arborist can advise you on how to treat any disease that has already occurred.

You can also ask about any chemical treatments for insects that are causing damage to your landscape’s greenery. They can analyze the environmental conditions to determine what is causing the damage. Your arborist can make recommendations for your house, office building, or commercial property to control these environmental conditions.

Collins Tree Service Can Keep Your Trees Healthy In Hooksett, NH, and the Surrounding Areas

We are certified arborists who provide tree care to residential and commercial customers. By using integrated pest management techniques, we help prevent pest infestations and plant diseases.

If you have an insect or disease problem, our experienced arborists will provide treatment options that are right for your landscape’s needs. Our experts will also provide you with maintenance tips to keep your plants healthy.

Contact our expert arborists today at 603-485-4761 to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

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