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Collins Tree Service is the go-to source for tree services in Pembroke, NH. We have a team of experienced professionals who can take care of all your needs, from trimming and pruning to removal and stump grinding. Contact us today at 603-485-4761 for a free estimate! A tree protects against the sun, wind, rain, snow, and flooding. However, trees need protection too, especially if you want to enjoy these benefits for a long time. Unchecked growth can lead to serious problems. Hiring a contractor for tree services now and then may sound like an additional expense, but in the long run, it can save you more money because they will be able to prevent major problems that would require expensive repairs or even removal of the tree. Our professional arborists are known for their expertise in tree care, so you can rely on them for help. We provide the following tree care services to property owners in Pembroke, NH.

Tree Trimming and Pruning in Pembroke, NH

Neglected trees can become hazardous in many ways. This is why you should always watch out for overgrown trees that could affect the lives of your family members and neighbors. Tree pruning can be done throughout the year to keep your trees healthy and pretty. Trimming can also be done for the removal of dead or diseased parts, as well as branches that droop too much and may pose a danger to people and property.

Tree Removal Services in Pembroke, NH

Sometimes, trees are beyond repair. If they are already dead or the roots are badly damaged, there is no way to save them anymore. The following are some signs that will indicate the need for tree removal: If your weak or damaged trees are leaning towards buildings, roads, or power lines, you should remove them before they fall off on their own. Heavy branches that droop over your roof or other parts of your property can pose a danger to people passing by, so it is best to have them removed immediately. If you have dead trees on your property, do not wait for them to fall off on their own because they may cause damage and accidents in the long run. You can ask our professional arborists to provide you with recommendations based on their inspection of your trees.

Stump Grinding Services in Pembroke, NH

Trees grow from seeds, and their roots spread out underground. This makes them very hard to remove, especially if they are near your house or driveway. Stump removal can be very challenging for arborists who are just starting. You need someone with the skills and equipment to remove them safely. If you have a lot of stumps on your property, then you should hire an experienced tree service company that can give you high-quality services.

Tree Fertilization Services in Pembroke, NH

Trees need fertilization now and then to ensure that they can produce healthy leaves and flowers. This also helps them grow strong and resist tree diseases. Tree experts will be able to provide you with a tree care program or treatment schedule based on their inspection of your trees. The essential nutrients that trees need may vary depending on the type of tree. Experts can inspect your trees and recommend the best fertilizer that can be used for each of them.

Weed Control Services in Pembroke, NH

Trees need nutrients to stay healthy and strong. Weeds steal these nutrients, which means they can weaken your trees. These unwanted plants should be removed regularly so that they will not grow back in the same area. Weeds can be an eyesore, not only to the homeowners but also to potential customers who may want to buy your property. It’s best to remove them right away so they won’t cause any more damage in the future.

Insects and diseases in Pembroke, NH

Trees that are not cared for regularly can become infected with bugs, pests, and plant diseases. This is why it is important to treat them immediately before their infestation gets worse. You may need professional help in removing affected trees or sick plants. You should hire a professional tree service company to treat your trees against insects and diseases. Weeds provide them with shelter, food, and water, so it is best to remove these problem plants on time or ask our team of experts how to do it efficiently.

Collins Tree Service Provides Exceptional Tree Services in Pembroke, NH

Our certified arborists are fully insured and offer great service at affordable prices. Our team of experts can help you with all your tree work, from tree pruning to removal services. Professional arborists at Collins Tree Service will inspect your trees and give you a free estimate on the services that you need. Contact our professionals today at 603-485-4761 and let us make your trees look their best. 

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