How to Maintain the Health of Your Trees

Ways to Maintain Trees’ Health in Hooksett, NH

Whether you have young trees or mature trees in your Hooksett, NH, lawn, it is essential to maintain the health of those trees throughout the entire year. There is a lot to know and understand how healthy trees and property owners in the area will need to see how all aspects of the tree can make a difference in keeping trees healthy or watching them slowly decay.

Do you have shallow-rooted trees? Are you getting the entire root zone enough water to maintain tree health? Is your mature tree canopy too full or not complete enough? Are dead or damaged branches causing more problems than simply a lack of shade in your backyard? Do you know how to prune appropriately or if the trees are receiving a deep watering? All of these questions and more should be considered when maintaining the health of an old or new tree on your property in Hooksett, NH.

At Collins Tree Service, our team has been providing the highest quality tree and shrub services to Hooksett, New Hampshire, residents and businesses since 1971. We are the leading arborist in Hooksett, and our clients have always received the best possible services that trees require to keep them healthy and vibrant. Young trees, large trees, and even mature trees need appropriate tree care, and our arborist team at Collins Tree Service is here to ensure they get it.

Importance of Keeping Your Newly Planted Trees or Mature Trees Healthy

When you plant a young tree in your yard, it becomes a long-lasting part of the landscaping. Tree roots take time to grow and spread, but they will eventually be strong and lend durability to the growing tree itself. Many people assume trees will grow well on their own, which is true in the proper environment. However, when it comes to the right tree planted in your yard, you must keep that tree healthy.

Some of the most important reasons to care for the tree, planting site, and root system of the tree include the facts that young trees and mature trees:

  • Provide shade for our homes and businesses
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Reduce air pollution
  • Reduce soil erosion
  • Increase property values
  • Offer habitats to wildlife
  • Create a peaceful environment

It is essential that property owners know if they have compact soil, what elements can weaken trees in the area, how tree canopies should look, and why it is critical to trim broken branches before they cause more issues for the property and the health of the tree. At Collins Tree Service in Hooksett, New Hampshire, our team will advise you on the best ways to keep trees healthy, including using wood chips or saturating up to the drip line and the importance of the critical root zone.

Top Ways to Maintain Tree Health

If you are considering investing in trees for your yard or property, here are some of the top ways to ensure that the health of those trees is maintained in both the short term and long term:

  • Pick the right tree: It is essential to know which trees are suitable for our environment, soil structure, lighting situation, and space around the planting area. Our arborists at Collins Tree Service can advise you on which trees are suitable for your Hooksett, New Hampshire property.
  • Use a two-stake system and remove them as soon as possible: Young trees need to be able to stand up to the wind on their own to build strong trunks. To strengthen the tree structurally, you can use a two-stake system on either side of the root ball for support, but these should be removed as soon as you can to ensure that the trunk gets strong.
  • Eliminate pests: Insect pests such as Japanese beetles and caterpillars can cause serious harm to the health of a tree. It is essential to implement pest control measures to prevent damage.
  • Water appropriately: One of the essential parts of tree care is ensuring that they receive enough water. Young and mature trees all need to be watered, and it is a rarity that the entire root zone is fully saturated. Most homeowners will count on lawn sprinklers to get the job done, but they rarely wet deep enough and can cause shallow-rooted trees. Keep the area wet with soil basins or drip irrigation.
  • Use fertilizer and mulch: Trees may need occasional fertilizing, depending on the type of tree and the soil in your yard. You are having a soil test performed will indicate exactly which nutrients are needed from fertilizer, especially for trees growing poorly or looking sickly with yellowing foliage. Organic mulch, pine straw, or compost can also be considered because mulch cools the soil, improves soil texture, reduces weeds, and can keep the soil moist.
  • Prune correctly and protect the trunk: To strengthen your trees, consider pruning them at the right time and during the right season. Our certified arborist can help you figure out the timing and how to do the pruning. Also, ensure the trunk is protected from lawnmowers, weed-eaters, and other lawn equipment. These machines can damage the bark, weaken trees, and cause insect infestations.

If you follow these tree care maintenance methods, you can rest assured that your trees will grow large and strong. By protecting the tree’s health, you can expect those trees in your yard to provide you with all of the advantages you are expecting.

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